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My next trip…

I’m planning my next trip.  I’ll be going out of the country with my friend Olivia… and we’ve decided to go to Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

I’ll probably be seeing the updated version of this on New Year’s Eve:

So excited!

Silly Frenchmen

The silly French believe that protesting will magically solve their pension problems.

It’s not possible for them to be more wrong.  It is as if they honestly believe that it is possible for any country  to sustain a system where the majority of people work a few weeks a year for 20-30 years and then not work at all for 20 years.  The average life expectancy in France is 80!

Socialism was such a nice idea.

Uh oh. Another German Chancellor feels superior

Germans still haven’t fully fleshed out the prickly issues related to cultural identity, political ideology, and class issues.  And make no mistake about it: the issues are prickly.  I don’t have answers to any country’s immigration/assimilation debate and am in no way suggesting that solutions are clear or simple.

That said, I am more than a little concerned that Chancellor Angela Merkel is making speeches where she proclaims that multiculturalism has failed and that Christian values need to be institutionalized. It is very disturbing coming from a leader who inhabits the same political title that was once held by Hitler.

It is always worrisome when a world leader upsets the fragile balance of power related to class, race, and religion. Can you imagine Obama inciting an already fragile populace with venomous ideas such as the of the superiority of Christianity — suggesting that multiculturalism has failed? Yikes. I shutter to think of it.

I hope that peace and reason wafts over her and calms Chancellor Merkel, so that she may calmly lead her countrymen toward a better future.

Taking Tests…

I’m working with a psychologist who specializes in education to determine if I qualify to be officially diagnosed with dyscalculia.  In case you’ve never heard of it, dyscalculia is the math version of dyslexia.  Now that I know that this is real, I’d be shocked if the testing didn’t confirm my suspicions.  Dyslexia is rampant in my family.  I have all of the typical symptoms of dyscalculia, with one exception.  (I am actually quite good at ‘big picture’ and ‘long-range’ thinking, including designing effective strategies.)

I was surprised recently when my mom told me what my childhood IQ test results were north of 150!  It’s not that I have ever believed myself to be dumb, it’s just that I’ve never regarded myself as Mensa-level smart and still don’t. I regularly regard other people as being smarter than me, and I’m not suffering from a general lack of self-esteem. My grades have always been lopsided. I didn’t even break a 3.0 in high school, and managed a 3.5 in college despite barely passing remedial algebra and taking astronomy to avoid additional math courses!  My SAT and GRE scores were so lopsided that my total scores were utterly uninspiring. Not even close to getting me into Mensa.

I studied history in grad school… and was great at that, with the exception of the portions of studying history that required memorizing dates.  A typical mistake that I’d make is to be off by a couple of years when attempting to recall a historically relevant date/event.  I vividly recall how one of my professors simply couldn’t believe that I got the date of JFK’s assassination incorrect on a test.  Don’t bother asking me for the exact date spans for a war or the sequence of British monarchs.   I’m a hot mess when it comes to those basic Jeopardy questions!  Despite that, those three history degrees on my wall are real.

Anyway, this line of thought inspired me to look up IQ tests without math.  I found a couple of online tests.   I took this one with a wicked hangover, while sitting on the couch watching TV with a barking dog as lovely background noise.  Seriously.  I only mention that because I wonder if I would get a better score if I were to actually focus my full (sober) attention.


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