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Wasai Eigo Janglish

The Japanese love the way that English looks for marketing purposes, but don’t necessarily want to learn proper english… so they make up words and phrases that are specifically for internal consumption. This phenomenon is alternately called “wasai eigo” or “janglish.”

In Janglish, the sound of a word is more important than the proper spelling, so yummy becomes “yammy” and one becomes “wan.” Addtitionally, throughout town, one word seems to take on special properties in janglish: the verb make, which magically transforms nouns into verbs. Soap is called “make wash”, holiday shopping becomes “make joy Christmas”

Here are a couple of interesting janglish signs:

Make Wonder

Yammy Dining

Wan Love


Japanese Customs Signs


Arrived in Tokyo

I arrived in Tokyo and made my way to the hotel. This city is so different, and very beautiful!

Immediately after arrival, I went out to party with some locals who are friends of a colleague. A very fun introduction to the city!

Japanese Friends of Al & me


Cuvaison Cork Recycling Program

I volunteered at the San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival yesterday. My part? Collecting Wine Corks as part Cuvaison Winery’s Cork Recycling Program. Here’s an image of the corks I collected!

I collected these corks



Lovers with good taste prefer…

So I’m booking my 5-star hotel room for Japan (at the crazy low rate of $138/n). I thought it was funny when I saw this review:

“Rooms include rates at the Granbell Hotel for daytime use as well, making this a possible love hotel for couples (with good taste).”


Online Identity & Participation

I was thinking yesterday about all the things that I used to share online. I telegraphed my daily activities & viewpoints to the world: I blogged about politics, news, hobbies, friends, relationships, etc. I put up photos. I contributed to websites by writing articles, answering questions, and commenting on other posts. Now… not so much. I still do things, have hobbies, care about politics, engage with friends, go out, read books, etc. I just don’t blog about it. My smugmug account is under-utilized. I haven’t contributed articles recently. And I haven’t answered questions online recently. I used to be a very active contributor to the web. Now I’m just taking up space.

Am I concerned about privacy? A little, but not much. Truth is: there isn’t much privacy. A motivated person can find out about you, whether or not you actively manage your online presence. You have to work hard at it to be off-the-grid. And if you are, people will assume that you have something to hide, which may damage a reputation as much or more than if you were up-front about it all. For example: I know this one person who is a nut about being on-again-off-again with his/her online identity: unsearchable on FB, hidden profile on Match, doesn’t blog, has an unlisted phone number, etc. My joke about this person involves the witness protection program… and a rat.

Am I leading an uninteresting life? Nope. I have more and different kinds of activities than most people I know. I have cash, which means that I can afford to go places, unlike some of my younger friends. Plus, without kids and soccer practice or ballet lessons, I have time. This separates me from friends my age or older. I also have hobbies. It still shocks me how few people have hobbies.

So what is it? Perhaps it’s that I’ve been there, done that, got the shirt. It’s not new and exciting to me anymore. I don’t get an adrenaline rush from writing a great blog post. I hated user comments on my blog (bad experiences). I don’t get all warm-and-fuzzy when someone reaches out to me on Facebook. Most of the time, I don’t even look at the person’s profile anymore when I get a connection request on LinkedIn or FB.

But this may all change shortly. I am in discussions with someone about helping out with a Social Media Marketing company… this would necessitate my re-engaging in this space again. And it would undoubtedly give me a fresh perspective and a “twist” on the whole conversation, such that it would launch me back into the daily practice of managing my online identity. If so, you might see me blogging, tweeting, FBing, and getting on-board with every social media player in the marketplace.

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