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Looking to buy a car

I am beginning my investigation about buying a car. New or just new to me? SUV or full size? Luxury or not? Hybrid, diesel, or gas? Black, silver, or blue? I’ve got a lot to think about!


Passed the Test

Well, CC did it again! She passed her Therapy dog test (on her first try) & is now officially in training. Our first in hospital visit will be on Nov 1.


Bombing the moon

We’re bombing the moon. It’s really quite absurd if you think about it. So sci-fi!


Still Alive

I was hit with a trifecta of illness: swine flu, a sinus infection, and pink eye! I’m over the hump now, and still alive. But whoa! That was officially not fun.

Take it for what it’s worth, but these are my personal observations related to my experience of the swine flu:

  • I am now a believer in Vitamin D for health. I was prescribed a cocktail of Vitamins B, C, D, and saline intravenously the other day. I really felt a lot better after that IV. But since you probably won’t be hooking up an IV drip in your home anytime soon, pile on the vitamins and go get a real (not tanning salon) tan. Next year, maybe I’ll be more Baywatch than Twilight?
  • If you feel a slightly sore throat, be aware that you might be in the early stages of the flu. I woke up with the slightest little sore throat. “Maybe I strained my voice?” I thought. A mere 4 hours later I was incapacitated by a terrible fever, headache, body aches, and nausea. This flu comes on super-fast, and hits hard.
  • People are either completely underwhelmed or overwhelmed by the mention of “swine flu.” The truth is somewhere in between. Wash your hands every couple of hours to be on the safe-side, but don’t think that you’re going to die from this thing. Even if you get it, you probably won’t need to go to the urgent care.
  • Doctors disagree about the flu shot. One doctor told me to get the swine flu shot, and regular flu shot. Another, equally qualified MD, said not to get the vaccine. The doc that advocated the flu shot said that it is just a good habit to be in: every year get the vaccine as soon as it is available and you’re healthy. The other doc was against the vaccine in general, and specifically warned me away. His reasoning was two-fold: “1) You already had the flu and came out the other side. You already developed antibodies. 2) It is less tested, and there’s no testing related to how people are affected by the vaccine if they’ve already had the flu.”
  • Be aware that once you have this flu, your immune system is shot and you are a target for everything else in the environment. Hence my triple whammy of flu, sinusitis, and conjunctivitis. I’ll really need to work hard to build back up my immune system. Bring on the spicy food, vitamins, and antioxidants!

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Swine Flu

It’s official, the doc says that I have swine flu. I thought I felt pretty miserable!

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Cecilia passed her Canine Good Citizen test today with flying colors. In 2 weeks, we have an appointment to have her evaluated to be a therapy dog. She needs to pass a preliminary screening and have 3 hours of (flawless) evaluation/execution in the field. The lady I’ll be evaluating under runs the therapy dog program at Kaiser hospital here in town. Very exciting!




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