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Biopsy Completed, but no results yet

OK… the biopsy occurred today. It didn’t hurt too much, so that’s good. Now I need to hang out for 10 days or so until the results come back.


Sea Foam between my toes

I went to Powerhouse beach in Del Mar for sunset today. It was fantastic: high 70s, with a light breeze, a huge golden sun, and a few wispy white clouds.

As I walked along the beach, I felt the cool water beneath my feet, and and sea foam between my toes as the waves receded. It is one of the simple pleasures in life that brings me joy.


Car Update AND Biopsy Notice

Car update: bad battery, brakes, major preventative care due, etc. Total cost will be about $2K.

In other stressful news, I had an ultrasound of my thyroid gland recently. The ultrasound was read and they saw something suspicious… so they’ve scheduled a biopsy, which won’t occur for a week and a half.

So… let’s recap: I had to spend a lot of money repairing my car, and I might have cancer. Great week.

The good news is that I have money for the car, and current, decent, health insurance.

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Cars over 75K are undependable

Tonight my car died. Won’t start. Battery seems to be working. I don’t know what the issue is. Lucky for me, it died at home. So it’s not as if I was stranded on the side of a busy San Diego highway.

Remember a few month’s back when I wanted to get a new car? One of the reasons that I cited is that I’ve always maintained that cars over 75K are undependable. I got a few responses from men who fundamentally disagreed; they said that modern cars are so much better and are designed to live far past 100K without any significant problems. Maybe that’s true, I am strictly going off of anecdotal experience here. And, as a woman, I don’t want to have an undependable car because I don’t want to get into any unsafe situations.

So, we’ll see what transpires. I’m not super-interested in spending the money to get a new car right now, so I’ll probably just get Mini Lee fixed up and hope for the best.

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I Dreamed a Dream

For those of you who know about my “Project Joy”… this is the type of thing that fits.

(I couldn’t embed it, that was disabled by request for this video.)


Cuba Vera!

Today, the Obama administration officially lifted the bans on travel & money transfers to Cuba.

This is pretty exciting. Having grown up in Florida, with so many Cuban friends, I am totally fascinated by the little nation that was the cause of so much political dissent and disagreement.

Right now, the travel ban is just for people with relatives in Cuba. But I don’t know how they will enforce that! Regardless, it just seems like a matter of time before they open it up to the rest of us. I’m looking forward to visiting.


Easter Candy

In general, I don’t like Easter candy. Peeps are creepy. I don’t enjoy jelly beans, and can do without the creme fillings in most chocolate candies.

What’s really gross though are the Cadbury Eggs. They are an abomination. The gooeyness, the insane levels of super-sweetness. Ewwww. I know this one guy who loves them; he eats 5 a year. I don’t think you could make me!

I do like chocolate, though… so regular milk chocolate shaped like a bunny is fine by me. And I like a lot of the candy that has a pastel-colored double-life as an Easter candy: M&Ms;, Jordan Almonds, Hershey kisses, etc. All that is good stuff.


Very Successful Party

Last night, I had a housewarming party at the new apartment in San Diego. It was a big hit: maybe 30 people, lots of coffee martinis and food were consumed. The folks were all sociable and had fun. I also received some very thoughtful housewarming gifts, 3 bouquets of flowers, and more wine than I can possibly drink anytime soon.

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