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Rainman is OK

Rainman survived the Harris wildfire of 2007 in Jamul. Apparently, he was quite a successful mouse hunter during the fires. Allyn arrived back at the ranch to find her house in tact, but with a distinct smell of smoke and dead mice. Rainman meowed at her and chatted her up for a long time, she said that he meowed so much that he must have been relaying some interesting stories.

We’re very pleased to hear that Allyn’s house is still standing, though there was fire damage on her property. Wishing her & Rainman well.



San Diego Wildfires & good news so far

It seems that my personal connections to the San Diego wildfires all seem to be reporting in good news and health so far.

  • Allyn’s house {Honey Springs Rd in the path of the Harris fire) is still standing, and Rainman (although still missing) is expected to be OK.
  • My old house in Rancho San Pasqual / Triana 3377 Holly Oak Ln 92027 and all homes on the street are supposedly still standing, though there was fire in the canyon between Holly Oak and Wild Oak — and some RSP landscaping was lost. The Wild Animal Park (nearby) also had fires inside the park, but things are safe there too.
  • My former colleagues and friends are reporting in OK.
  • Aji San Diego folks are reporting in safe and unaffected, so far.
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    The Raging San Diego Fires

    Michael and I no longer live in San Diego, but we’re very worried about all of our friends and our family cat still residing in the evacuation zones. Although I’m in Seattle today, I’m listening to San Diego AM radio broadcasts, which has a lot more specific information.

    I railed about this in 2003: the names of the fires are meaningless when the fire is moving so rapidly. What we all want to know is the GPS coordinates of the fire line & put those coordinates on a map. At least there are some bloggers and Google mapp-ers who are broadcasting some excellent maps that allow us to follow the fires better than we were able to do in 2003.



    First Babyboomers Apply for Social Security

    The first baby boomer has officially filed her paperwork for Social Security. This event signifies the beginning of the end. A whole generation of naval-gazing baby boomers who thought they were entitled, are going to find out that the entitlement programs aren’t worth the paper they were written on.

    Old Age Sucks

    We are about to see a lot of people scramble to live the best life that they possibly can on a smaller amount of income than they have ever lived on before. They didn’t save, neither did they raise their kids with a sense of responsibility to take care of them in old age.

    The government realistically can’t help very much. Politicians and institutions will break their promises (by drastically cutting benefits), and they will raise taxes (which will eventually harm the economy) and even if doesn’t break the economy, there’s no way of ‘growing’ our way out of this one.

    Don’t believe me? Read: “America’s Fiscal Future: A Call for Citizen Involvement” by David M. Walker, Comptroller General of the USA. It is a wake up call. A quote: “We aren’t going to close our fiscal gap through strong economic growth, massive spending cuts, or huge tax increases. The gap is simply too great, and the math and politics don’t work.”

    Atlas Shrugged Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

    If Mr. Walker is right, Atlas Shrugged might very well occur. The producers within society, weary from the taxation and constant nagging of the entitlement junkies, will cast off their burden and move to another country. It is already happening… with some well heeled folks already getting dual citizenships to places like Australia and Costa Rica.

    I wonder if there will be a massive move toward changing the value system along-side the exodus to John-Galt-land. Maybe some sort of shuffling of American values such that individualism is downplayed and communal living (resource pooling) is thought more highly of. This would make people’s lives better even though they are poor. And the baby boomers can harken back to their flower-child, hippie, utopian roots.

    Bull's Eye Investing: Targeting Real Returns in a Smoke and Mirrors Market Bull’s Eye Investing: Targeting Real Returns in a Smoke and Mirrors Market by John Mauldin

    MAS leans more toward the efficiency theory cited in John Mauldin (Bulls Eye Investing, page 137. There is a knowledge gap combined with a population gap (there are simply fewer Gen X-ers and those GenX-ers don’t have the wisdom of years of business knowledge.) If the Boomers just take some anti-depressants and trudge to work a few more years, then go home to 200 stations of cable TV, then everything will work out. As for the inevitable inefficiencies along the way? Well, they can be exploited by enterprising Gen X-ers like us.

    So which will it be, Bulls Eye Investing or Atlas Shrugged?


    Far From Sleepless in Seattle

    I am sleeping a lot in Seattle. I’ve always been able to sleep in on weekends and on rainy days… but while MAS was away, I was a slug. Without him pumping me full of caffeine and cajoling me in the morning, I regularly overslept my alarm and went to bed early.

    As of today MAS is back, my caffeine levels are restored, and I still crashed on the couch for a couple of hours this sunny afternoon for no damn good reason.

    No girls, I’m not pregnant. I’m also not sick (that I know of) or depressed (that I know of)…. I really have no good reason. Tsetse fly sting perhaps?


    Starting a LinkedIn Group

    I am beginning to realize LinkedIn’s potential in the realm of membership and career. I constituted a LinkedIn group yesterday around 5pm, and within 24 hours 20 people accepted. Not too shabby.

    Aji BPC Collegians

    The group I started is the Aji BPC Collegians. For info, go here. I had to start a webpage about the group in order to meet the LinkedIn criteria.

    Are you and I LinkedIn? If not, shoot me an invitation.



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