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Family Photo – 80th b-day

I uploaded the photos of my Mom’s 80th birthday party. My great-niece actually snapped most of the photos.
Here’s one that shows me, all of my brothers and sisters, our mom, a great niece and a couple of my great nephews.

Lura's family


Great You Tube Video – The Machine is Us

YouTube Web is Us

from A Weird Soul blog


Mom’s 80th B-day

Going to Tampa for my mom’s 80th birthday party & family reunion.

Here’s a photo of my mom and I at the 2005 Rose Parade.

Lura & Mom at 2005 Rose Parade

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Great Turtle Race = Great Idea

The Great Turtle Race is a fantastic idea for many reasons, including the following:

  • It speaks to the non-scientist person’s human concern for the world. Conservation is presented as something that can be helped by an incremental contribution.
  • It elicits a feeling of membership as we gather in groups to root for one turtle or another. A sense of ownership and/or membership is a powerful component of a conversation for action.
  • It is an affirmation of life; these female turtles just laid eggs, after all. This positive message underscores the threat of extinction at the same time that it focuses on the goal of life.
  • It utilizes the human predilection for competition, rather than bemoaning it. When you stop to think about it, the turtles aren’t racing each other. The human narrative, however is one of competition, therefore we’re calling it a race. Understanding the human situation and working within it is a wise move on the part of people who desire to change the course of huge populations of humans who are affecting ever smaller populations of leatherback turtles.

I applaud the race organizers, especially TOPP Tagging of Pacific Predators. It looks like they led the charge and essentially came up with the idea. Brilliant strategic marketing!


My Monster’s JASPER (Job Asset and Strengths Profiler) results

I took the Jasper Strengths Test and got overlapping results from the Strengths Finder test in Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton.

Here is an image of my test results.
JASPER results for Lura


Urgent Care Lura

Three people I care very much about had very bad weekends.

I helped in the best way I could for all three: visiting, listening, cooking, and generally “being there.” My Easter wish is for resurrection of mind, body, and spirits for all three.


INeedCoffee 8th B-day

Michael and I started 8 years ago today. Go visit INeedCoffee now.

Years ago, I used the site to showcase my skills as a technical writer. INeedCoffee used to have a very comprehensive set of help files for the back-end; which I’d show as a part of job interviews. How funny is that?

Over the years, I’ve played many roles….

  • site administrator – when Michael needed time off,
  • frequent contributor – (especially as a last minute contributor when others didn’t follow through,
  • content ghost writer – there are some articles that I’ve written under pseudonyms to disguise my identity,
  • us writer – I wrote a lot of the INeedCoffee Staff content pieces,
  • editor – for much of the contributed content,
  • html slinger – marking up content through many of the re-designs,
  • product designer – creating the INeedCoffee store content

Here’s looking forward to eight more years of Caffeination Information!


I Ran My First Race

You read the title of the blog post correctly. First, let me start by saying that this is not an April Fools Day joke. You might want to check the temperature in hell to see if it has frozen over.

That’s right folks… about a week ago, with no warning or precedent, I was challenged participate in a 5K, and I took the challenge. I didn’t really train for the race. I literally haven’t even attempted to run a mile since grade school. No joke, it has been that long. Even then I never ran the mile, I walked at least part of it.

Consequently, I had no frame of reference at all for what to expect as far as time goes. As it turns out, I completed the race by jogging and walking, in a time of 42:06 (chip time) 42:34 (clock time.)

Here’s a link to the photo gallery to prove that I did it. Gracias to MAS for taking the photos.

Lura does 5K



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