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Apologies and Weaknesses

It was brought to my attention that some people who read the previous post thought that it was harsh.
So I modified it.

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Goodbye Friend: Rainey RIP

Rainman, our cat, died. He was a great cat: super loving, very vocal, with a great purr. I’ll miss him.

Here’s a couple of photos and below is my painting of Rainey, followed by the uTube video that I shot of Rainman doing a handshake with Michael.

Rainman the cat



Going Away Party

I hosted our going away party on Saturday. If we had waited for someone else to host a party, there may not have been one. This is not because we’re terminally un-cool… it is because there are very few people who seem to enjoy hosting others. But I love it; I find it exhilarating and invigorating. I enjoy bringing people together.

Looking back, I think that we’ve had very successful, and very interesting parties in San Diego. This is undoubtedly due to the very interesting people with whom we came in contact during our tenure here. In fact, our parties are known for being the meeting place of the an eclectic group of people.

This party was no different. There are older people, younger people, people from different backgrounds with different viewpoints, there was also an early shift and a late shift. And there’s very little overlap from party to party. I can count on one hand the overlap folks who have attended multiple, and/or successive parties. It is both their loss and my gain — since we get the benefit of new blood at each party, and that enriches our conversations and experiences.

I wonder how long it will be before I have enough friends and acquaintances in Seattle to throw a party in the new apartment! I am looking forward to the possibilities.

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While My Guitar Gently Weeps

It is the end of an era.

I used to play guitar; I took lessons from the time that I was about 8 to about 16. During that time, I owned about 3 different guitars… including another Ovation (that was stolen) and a rose/pink-colored electric Gibson.

Eventually, I realized that playing guitar really wasn’t my thing. I didn’t play for years. Still, I carted this beautiful guitar around and didn’t give it any love, attention, or care.

Yesterday, I sold the guitar. I listed the Ovation acoustic/electric (style = Country Artist, Model = 1674) on Craigslist for $400. It sold in a flash to a guy named Greg. He plays guitar a lot, and he wanted an acoustic that he could bring to the beach. I wish him and the guitar well. I am glad to see it go to an owner who will play the guitar and care for it, rather than letting it sit idle in a closet.

Ovation Country Artist 1674


Helping A Little

My brother-in-law Mark Bradley was in a bad accident a few days ago… he was working on a roof and fell through a skylight. My understanding is that his skull was cracked, some ribs were broken, lungs collapsed, pelvic bone was broken, etc. In short, we’re lucky that he survived. He’s not out of the woods yet, and his recovery will no doubt be long and arduous. My heart really goes out to them, and I am wishing him well.

Today, my sister asked me to help… by setting her up with a website where she can post updates rather than spending all her days calling all the family and friends with updates.

Once upon a time, this might have been a big deal. But today it took less than 30 minutes. I set her up with a blogspot page, and I posted the first post. Here’s a link to the Bradley Update blog.


New Look

Here’s a photo of what I look like now.

Lura's New Look

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Amazing Conference

I am part of a Business Professionals Course that includes with it an the opportunity to attend conferences. I just completed one of the conferences, which was held from Thursday – Saturday.

What continually comes up for me at these conferences is the caliber of the participants and the quality of the conversations that I have with other members of the group. Having attended a few parties at Harvard undergrad, I can tell you that my experiences there were underwhelming and didn’t even come close to fulfilling my expectations. In contrast, my experiences with this group far exceed my wildest expectations. These folks trigger me to become a lot more serious about my ambition and what actions I am taking toward colonizing a future that I want to inhabit. Wow, what a privilege!


Moving to Seattle

I have accepted a job offer in Seattle. We’ll be moving around Aug 1.

The new role includes a revenue generating component (i.e. sales component), which is a new space of opportunity for me. I am really looking forward to it.

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Family Photo – 80th b-day

I uploaded the photos of my Mom’s 80th birthday party. My great-niece actually snapped most of the photos.
Here’s one that shows me, all of my brothers and sisters, our mom, a great niece and a couple of my great nephews.

Lura's family


Mom’s 80th B-day

Going to Tampa for my mom’s 80th birthday party & family reunion.

Here’s a photo of my mom and I at the 2005 Rose Parade.

Lura & Mom at 2005 Rose Parade

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My Monster’s JASPER (Job Asset and Strengths Profiler) results

I took the Jasper Strengths Test and got overlapping results from the Strengths Finder test in Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton.

Here is an image of my test results.
JASPER results for Lura


Urgent Care Lura

Three people I care very much about had very bad weekends.

I helped in the best way I could for all three: visiting, listening, cooking, and generally “being there.” My Easter wish is for resurrection of mind, body, and spirits for all three.


Kato the cat’s Obituary 5/5/1999 – 2/11/2006

Last night, Kato died.

Michael wrote up a detailed blog about what happened.

I’d just like to take a moment to remember Kato & speak about the good times.
We adopted Kato from a Petsmart in Virginia that worked with a local animal shelter to find homes for shelter kitties. She was a tiny kitten at the time, and we estimated her birthday to be Cinco de Mayo.

She lived with us in Virginia as a totally indoor cat; and did well on the plane trip to California. When we finally moved into the home on Holly Oak Lane, she got more and more curious about the outdoors.

At first, she stayed on the concrete; she didn’t like the wet grass at all. Eventually, she got more and more confident. Over the course of several years, natural instinct kicked in and she realized her true potential as a huntress. She caught lizards, and mice regularly and brought them to the house as trophies.

I can’t honestly say that Kato was the most loving cat that I’ve ever cared for, but she had her moments. When she was in a loving mood, she was generous with the head dives. But overall, she was most known for her mischievous behavior: knocking things off of counter tops (that she wasn’t supposed to be on) in the middle of the night or drinking from the water cup on my bedside.

Overall, Kato was a good cat. I am proud that she had an opportunity to flourish and develop. She will be missed.


I’m Electric

When I was very young, I used to think that I was one of those people who had kinetic energy gone awry. It seemed that I broke everything electrical, without meaning to, and without using the stuff incorrectly. I had a spate of watches that broke on me just a few weeks apart; the toaster would break, then the trash compactor, then my radio, then the microwave. I thought I was some supernatural freak in a movie, like Powder or the dude in the Green Mile. It wouldn’t happen all the time, but an episode would erupt, then subside.

Eventually, however, I realized that this was an irrational thought/fear – maybe even the delusion – of a young child who had been raised to believe in the lives of the Saints, miracles, and other fairy tales. The watches were cheap, and I lived in an old-ish house with a bunch of appliances that had been gerry-rigged and daisy-chained together.

But to this day, every once in a while, the electrical stuff around me just goes on the fritz, one after another, all around the same time. That’s when I start to think that maybe, just maybe, I really do have this ‘power’. For example, in the past couple of months, we’ve had the following electrical gadgets have stop functioning:

  • my monitor
  • the fan beside the stovetop
  • the washing machine
  • the blender
  • the new Littermaid cat box
  • my Palm Pilot
  • the cell phone, and digital camera have also been working inconsistently

Seriously, though, I know that it’s a coincidence. What should I expect after dropping the cell phone in the toilet? Besides the Palm 3 is ancient, and I really just broke the blender making soap.

But what if? It’s not too far from the realm of the possible. We’re all a bunch of atomic particles and electrical impulses, right? It doesn’t make any sense to me, but that doesn’t make it impossible.


Lura as Weightlifter

Here’s a picture of me doing a 135-pound squat.

Look ma, the big plates!

Aint it a laugh-riot? What a grimace! Plus, I look ridiculous with the pigtails. I have to have the tails, otherwise my hair gets caught under the bar and my neck is pulled into an awkward position due to the weight.


Cell Phone Pisser

The other day I had my cell phone in my back pocket. Then I went to the bathroom.

When finished, I stood up, pulled up the pants then heard a horrible sound: PLOP! The cell phone had flown out of my back pocket right into the toilet bowl.

Despite the grossness of it all, I immediately reached my hand in the bowl to retrieve the phone. But then things got really interesting.

Meanwhile, all I’ve got to work with is my left (non-dominant) hand; and I’m not ambidextrous. Somehow, I managed to pull it all together. Since the phone was already wet, I figured a little soap and water couldn’t do any extra damage, so I washed it.

Surprisingly, the phone seems to be no worse for the wear after this ordeal.
But if you call me up and I sound a little pissy on the cell phone, it might not be me – - it could just be the phone.


Human Seismograph

I felt a slight earthquake last night, just after retiring to bed. But the epicenter was in San Fransisco and I live in San Diego. How the heck could I have felt it? Everyone else thought I was insane when I brought it up at work today. Am I some kind of internal seismograph?


Easy to Do Business With Award

I received a commendation in my workplace. The title (I’m not kidding) is the “I’m easy to do business with” award.

Update: I received 4 of these awards during the time that I worked at this employer.

Labels: Mentioned in USA Today

I’m in USA Today!

Go see the article online.

I even have an inset quote, in the print edition.

Here’s the passage about me:

  • It isn’t exactly Dear Abby, but Lee, 27, a technical writer from San Diego with two master’s degrees in history, has a larger perspective on this new form of self-publishing.

    “Think about the past,” she says. “Who did you have to be to get 150 people in a day to gather in a spot and listen to you? I’m nobody.”

    But, she adds, “obviously the world has changed so much that I have a certain voice that people seem to be interested in.”


Land of Laphroig

As of today, I’m a Scottish landholder. Plot 135201.

Well, I’m not really a landowner. I am a Scottish leaseholder for 1 square foot of land on the Isle of Islay. All because I’m a registered Friend of Laphroig. (I gave ‘em my demographics in exchange for this deal.) If I ever make a trip out to Islay, I will get rent payment in the form of one dram of Laphroig for every year rent. They also lend me some boots and let me slosh around on my square foot.

In case you don’t know, Laphroig is a single malt scotch. It has a lovely peat-inspired smokiness.


Driving in the Presidential Motorcade

MAS and I had a great time driving in the Presidential Motorcade today.

Here’s the link to my photo gallery of White-House related photos. This gallery includes the photo of me shaking hands with President Clinton the day of the motorcade.

Lura shakes hands with President Clinton

I drove one of the press vans. I had Cynthia Johnson from Time on board as well as people from Newsweek and the Washington Post, etc. At one point I had to do some fancy driving: I had to speed around a corner, on a hill to catch up to the next vehicle. The 15 person vehicle that I was driving actually got some air, squealed the tires and sent dust flying into the eyes of a group of protesters. My passengers cheered me on and said that I drove like Steve McQueen.

Link to Michael’s blog post and photo gallery



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