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Technology is Amazing

A few hours ago, I had a real-time conversation with someone who was on a British-based cell phone, calling from Quatar to my land-line phone in San Diego.

Just think about the progression of communication equipment over the 150 years — and especially the exponential improvement since the advent of computers and fiber optics. The way that humans have been able to cooperate, coordinate, innovate, and build upon one another’s knowledge is truly astounding.

Recently, I watched Human 2.0, a Science Channel show that discussed the singularity, which is a term that describes the time when computer/artificial intelligence rises to the level of humans at the same time that our knowledge of the way the human body works is increased to a level where we can truly use machines to interface (seamlessly) with biology. Some people believe this will be a commonplace reality within the next 50 years or so.

Some people scoff off the concept of the singularity as hocus-pocus, or view it as a significant negative threat to human existence. I figure that there will be some negative breakdowns but I am energized by the possibilities and opportunities.


Why I Stopped Blogging

There are at least three reasons to have blogs:

  • to complain about something – This makes for the most interesting reads, but not very nice people. (On a side note, my rants were either fake or exaggerated in the past.)
  • to applaud or boast about something – This too can be difficult to maintain
  • to weigh in on a particular topic – I’m starting to refrain from voicing my ungrounded opinions

As you can see, I don’t fit into any category well now. Plus, I haven’t spent time on my websites in a while since I’ve so focused on my career. Currently, it seems that I’m always working, or studying for some credential test, or I’m dead tired after having done the other two.


21-kazoo Patriotic Salute

I led an impromptu 21-kazoo salute of the Star Spangled Banner.
We were at Dave & Busters for a work/team-building function. We all won kazoos, and I led everyone in a tearful rendition of our National anthem.

OK, maybe it wasn’t tearful; it was fun and patriotic


Stroller as Baby Assault Vehicle (BAV)

Recently, I’ve noticed an alarming trend toward larger, more obnoxious strollers.

These strollers have wheels like a bicycle, and have enough cargo room for a family hiking trip.

Perhaps they’re made to fit a full-sized adult? At least it would make sense! It’s an answer to the Baby Boomer’s issues: a stroller for the child that you’re having at the age of 45 which will double as a wheelchair for grandma in a couple of years.

And the parents are using these strollers as weapons: literally. At the Wild Animal Park a woman came into the bathroom with a huge stroller – - so wide that it hardly squeezed in between the sinks and the stalls. In the process of forcing to make it fit she actually ran over my foot…. and this wasn’t the first time.
Just a few days prior another parent ran over my foot with one of these Baby Assault Vehicles while making her way to her other Urban Assault Vehicle: a Ford Explorer.


The Odd Antics in the Corporate Bathroom

Bathroom Sleeper

Walked into the bathroom at work today, and heard a noise emanating from behind a closed stall:
phfhghghghghghghghghghghghhuhuhuuhuhbuhuhuhuhuuhuhuhuuhhuuhh – (snore).

A woman actually fell asleep on the john. This has to be the weirdest corporate bathroom ever.

Seat Squatter

I entered a stall and was confronted with gritty sand on the seat. I must have been in close proximity to the seat squatter.


Wyland Artist Proof Thumbprints

We received our Wyland art portfolio. He did the most bizarre thing: he put his thumbprint on the prints. Up close it is clear what it is, but you step back and it just looks like a big black blob on the artwork.
MAS and I discussed it for a while, then I called up the gallery and asked about this.

The reason is that it’s an artist proof. We got number 17/200 artist proofs there are 2000 prints in the general series. So this is definitely a more valuable part of the series, but then the facade is marred by this damn finger print.

Such a quandry: keep the more valuable prints, marred by this bizarre practice, or return the prints and opt for one of the general series, which are less valuable collector’s items.

Wyland thumbprint weirdness



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