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Swainson’s Hawks in Anza Borrego

I went to Anza Borrego over the weekend. Had a wonderful picnic, which included a rare bird sighting: Swainson’s hawks migrate to/from Argentina. They ride the thermals really high in the sky. All I saw was two white UFOs. The white on the underside of the wing. Their flight pattern of this pair of hawks was beautiful, they seemed to be playing in the thermals. It was awesome.

We had every intention of going on a full-on hike, but really we just ended up walking around a little bit.

Here’s a link to a closeup photo of a Swainson Hawk, taken by Vic Murayama.

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Snoqualmie Falls and Twin Falls

Since our furniture didn’t arrive on time, we spent the weekend out-and-about, rather than unpacking. On Saturday, we attended the Amazon company picnic, and on Sunday we went hiking at Snoqualmie and Twin Falls.

The photo shows me in a jacket, since I was cold. If I’m this cold in August, I’m in for a long, cold, miserable, winter full of whining and shivering.
Lura and MAS at Snoqualmie

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Channel Islands National Park Santa Cruz

On Wednesday we went to Santa Cruz Island, part of the Channel Islands National Park and surrounding marine sanctuary. On the way there (we took a boat through Island Packers), we saw two humpback whales feeding in the area.

Here’s a link to the gallery on Michael’s site.
Here’s one of the photos that I took.

Channel Islands Santa Cruz

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Best of Seattle Photos& Video Too

Here’s a Best of Seattle gallery that repeats only my favorite photos from our recent trip.

Seattle Best of gallery

Additionally, I have uploaded a couple of movies to my You Tube. They are peaceful, waterfall-related mini movies. Watch the spring thaw in action.



For a complete viewing of all photos, visit Michael’s three galleries from Seattle.

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North Cascades National Park

Went to North Cascades National Park today…. sort of. You can’t actually drive into the park. You can drive on Hwy 20, which bisects the park, but the land just off of the highway isn’t the National Park…instead, it is called the Ross Lake National Recreation Area.

So… do we count it? Heck yeah! I’m not a backpacker/camper-type, and I don’t own a pontoon boat, so there isn’t much of a way to get into the actual park any other way.

Here’s a photo:

North Cascades National Park sorta

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Mount Rainier National Park

We went to Mount Rainier National Park today. Neat area. Here are two photos… the gallery will be posted soon.

Lura at Mt Rainier National Park

a Fox at Mt Rainier National Park

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Hiking PCT at Kwaaymii Point

Yesterday, MAS and I hiked a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. The name of the hike is Kwaaymii Point and it is M-8 Trip 1 in Afoot & Afield in San Diego.

The new camera has the infinity setting, and it definitely got a workout on this hike!

Pacific Crest Trail Laguna Kwaaymii


Mt. Woodson Hike

MAS and I hiked to the top of Mt. Woodson today, via the East Approach trail, which is a steep but paved access road. On the way down, we met Greg who does bouldering, which is a type of rock climbing that doesn’t involve ropes.

Here’s a link to my photo gallery.

Mt Woodson Hike


Calcite Mine Trail and Slot Canyon

Wen’t out to Anzo Borrego desert with Michael the other day. Part of this hike is a slot canyon. That was my second slot canyon hike.
Here’s the photo of me.

Here’s a link to MAS’s blog & gallery.



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