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My Upcoming Christmas Crafts Project

I’ve been known to make my own Christmas presents. It’s artsy-craftsy, fun, and personalized. Although I don’t go cheap on anything, the resulting gift is usually less expensive than the same gift from a store.

This year is no different. I have a plan to make my own resin-based jewelry. Specifically, I’ll be making custom cuff links and necklace bangles.

The cufflink and necklace blanks are ordered and on their way. I’m also getting inspiration from famous modern artists, prepping some beautiful images for the baubles.

Here’s a YouTube video where the guy goes step-by-step. (There are 4 parts to this video, but I am only linking to part 1 here.)
Resin Jewelry tutorial


A VERY successful event

Last night, I put together and hosted an Art Benefit at the offices of (Dave Turner‘s company) Parallel 6 to raise money for the National Wildlife Federation Oil Spill Cleanup Fund. The event consisted of a live auction and silent auction of art. We had wine, jazz (CD sales donated by Brad Rambur), and food donated from The Big Easy at the event. We also received some lovely donations for the raffle: 2 bottles of Turley donated by Wade Hansen of Cabrillo Advisors, a bottle of Del Dotto donated by AJ Michalewicz of LS Technologies, and a bag of specialty food donated by Trader Joe’s.

The event was very successful.  We sold most of the art, and the proceeds went to NWF.  I sold 3 pieces of artwork myself.

To see photos, follow this link.  (Thanks to Carl Melville for taking photos at the event.)

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Vacanza è Fatta

This vacation is winding down & coming to a close. Today was the final day in Venice. Mom and I went to the island of Murano, where we received a glass blowing/sculpting demonstration. Here’s a photo of the simple glass blowing technique that was demonstrated. Such artistry!

Glassblowing Art in Murano

We bought a few souvenirs today, looked around, and had some gelato near Piazza San Marco. For dinner, we ate pasta and clams, with red wine and beer. For only the second time on our vacation, a little rain fell. Instead of a downpour however, it was a pleasant, cleansing shower that made everything smell fresh and new and cooled down the piazza.

Tomorrow morning we’ll have a leisurely breakfast peering on the glittering green canal… but then I have to face the reality of getting all the luggage to the airport; and her suitcase is going to be the death of me. I did hand washing almost every night so that I traveled light, but mom just packed everything but the kitchen sink.

This vacation is done. In Italian, that’s “vacanza è fatta”

Link to my full Venice Italy July 20 gallery on Smugmug.

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Tons of Monuments and Museums!

Even more photos of Vienna, Austria – July 8, 2008

Good grief there are a ton of monuments, museums, and former palaces in Vienna. These Hapsburgs and their hangers-on were ridiculously wealthy by any historical standard. Talk about a building boom: it must have been a full-employment time period for architects and artisans of the Imperial era.


Turns out that yesterday, when I walked so much of the city, I wasn’t in the museum quarter at all. Actually, that’s a slightly different part of the city, and I went there today to visit the Leopold Museum. The Leopold Museum normally has lots of Klimt on display, but they are re-tooling the exhibit and had nothing on display today (which explains why The Kiss was temporarily on exhibit at the Belvedere museum). However, the permanent installation of the Leopold museum includes a huge amount of Egon Scheile’s work — so I was educated in his progression as an artist.

Yesterday, I really enjoyed the special exhibit of Kokoschka‘s on display at the Albertina museum. They also had an amazing assortment of Paul Klee, who is actually my favorite Bauhaus artist. (I like Kandinsky quite a bit too, but Klee is my fave.)

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Avenue Q

I went to Avenue Q last night. It was a GREAT show. If you get a chance, go see it.

Note: this post has been edited/redacted.


I’m a Published Artist

My artwork has been published as part of an art school book for secondary school kids who are part of Marshall Cavendish schools, which appear to be International English-speaking schools.

Here’s the image from page 51, where the Grapes 2 painting I did is featured.

Below the copyright info, it directs the students to Review:

  • Are you able to identify the basic forms of everyday objects around you?
  • Have you observed how light sources affect the values of objects?
  • How well can you make a detailed study or close observation of things around you? Seek opinions from your peers and teachers.

Lura in art book



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