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I’ve been a fan of Seth Godin’s blog style for a while. It’s more about citing a situation, making an assessment/interpretation of the situation, then positing fundamental business questions with the intention to get the reader to determine that they may need some help. Even when he writes a blog where he never uses a question mark, the blog is intended to prompt you to ask: am I doing that? Is my business acting that way?

In case you don’t know, Seth Godin is an branding and marketing expert-for-hire (and best-selling author) so, in a sense, he’s using the blog to demonstrate his capacity to think and interpret situations in a superior way. Occasionally, he’ll make a blatant suggestion that’s more preference than expert opinion. Very occasionally, he’s post a blog that seems incongruously banal… but that’s a rare one. When that happens, I quiz myself to ensure that I’m not missing something brilliant, then I tend to dismiss it by thinking that he’s just having a bad day.

My view is that his style would work for anyone who is claiming to have some expertise, and who has a few brain cells to rub together.

So….. here’s my point… I’ve decided to use Seth’s writing style as a model for the long ingnored L2ideas blog. I’ve stopped and started that blog a few times, and deleted previous posts just the other day. I doubt anyone is reading the blog… but what the heck, as I do more marketing, networking, and such… maybe it will impress someone enough that it will make it easier for me to build a relationship with a client and close a deal. Stranger things have happened. Can’t hurt.

Now, you may ask, what have I got planned for this here blog? Good question. It’s been diary-esque all along. But really it’s not even that. In actuality I don’t blog about many things in my life. I’ve gotten some creepy crap from readers over the years. So I rarely blog about the day-to-day of work and I don’t blog about my sex life. I don’t blog about emotional stuff, and if I do I usually come to my senses within a couple of days and delete the post.

As a result this blog is BORING — but if you’re reading, you already know that. Really, I’d be surprised if anyone is still reading & even more suprised if anyone has bothered to read this far down the page! So… I’m looking for some inspiration.

I have seen some successful bloggers that are “personalities” — but I gave up trying to be a popular kid on the “A list” in early 2000. I’ve seen bloggers who are brilliant hobbyists and blog about stuff that they are passionate about but don’t work with every day (photography, finance/investing)… but that’s not me either.

Right now, this blog exists because it gives me a certain “street cred” in the IT world that helps when I assert myself as an IT Strategy Consultant with some level of expert knowledge and foresight. I can honestly say that I was an early-adopter of this technology and others. Although I’m generally the last of the first wave, I “get it” and use it, so I’m not some old fogie who is theoretical about this stuff. But the joie de vivre of blogging has waned over the years for me. I’m still looking for inspiration… maybe the Seth style will work for me on a personal blog too?

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